Efendimizi Sahabe gibi Sevmek pdf indir

Efendimizi Sahabe gibi Sevmek pdf indir

The Companions -the great generation- taught us many things, especially about love that are of high importance. They taught us the fact that love is not cheap, it is not simply performing  a verbal act, and it is not performed by uttering fancy words or talking in purple prose. With their lives which are samples for us, they taught us the real meaning of love and what love entails one to do. Well, what does love mean in the worlds of the Companions?
In their worlds,
Love is to yearn, love is to wait, love is to adopt/possess, love is to give, love is to dare, love is to be saved, love is to protect, love is to sacrifice, love is to be sacrificed, love is to persist, love is to show loyalty, love is to remain in the state of destination.

Efendimizi Sahabe gibi Sevmek isimli 176 sayfadan oluşan kitap ; Muhammed Emin Yıldırım tarafından yazılmış ve SİYER YAYINLARI yayınevinin 15.05.2023 tarihinde yayımlanmıştır.

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