Ixion in Heaven pdf indir

Ixion in Heaven pdf indir

Ixion in Heaven was published in two installments of the New Monthly Magazine in December 1832 and February 1833. In this story telling about in heaven Ixion goes hunting with Mercury and at dinner meets various gods and goddesses including Apollo, his sister Diana and the Queen of Heaven, Juno, to whom he takes a fancy. Within three days, however, Ixion is unpopular with the likes of Mercury and Ganymede on account of his generally imperious behaviour. Ixion falls asleep in a field to be woken by Cupid to whom he confides his interest in Juno, who then appears on the scene. Cupid shoots his arrow through both their hearts. The couple are late for dinner, enraging Jupiter. After the meal Mercury and Ganymede tell Jupiter about Ixion’s interest in Juno and all the gods head off in search of him. Cupid makes a cloud descend on the pavilion where Ixion is with Juno and in the fog secretly tells Juno to escape. When the cloud lifts, Ixion is alone and Jupiter then banishes him to Hades.

Ixion in Heaven isimli 40 sayfadan oluşan kitap ; Benjamin Disraeli tarafından yazılmış ve KARBON KİTAPLAR yayınevinin 16.09.2023 tarihinde yayımlanmıştır.

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