Nemrut Queen of the Mountain pdf indir

Nemrut  Queen of the Mountain pdf indir

Ancient Commagene Kingdom left  behind many archaeological artifacts, enchanting ruins that fascinates us today, in and around  Mount Nemrut. Since its discovery American, German and Turkish archaeologists have been trying to unravel the secrets of Mount Nemrut and Kingdom of Commagene. Among these archaeologists Teresa Goell has an important place. Teresa Goell, a female archaeologists from New York, spent a lifetime trying to find King Antiochos’ burial chamber at Mount Nemrut. Many thought Theresa Goell had an obsession for the Commagene civilization and finding the burial chamber of King Antiochos at the summit of Mount Nemrut.
The burial chamber of the legendary King Antiochos still has not been found.  Is King Antiochos buried in the huge tumulus he had built in the middle of his temple on Mount Nemrut? This novel, which is based on archaeological facts,  looks into mysteries of ancient Kingdom of Commagene and his legendary king Antiochos.
There is no doubt that Turkey is one of the richest countries in the World in terms of archeology. “NEMRUT-QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN” tells a fictional story that is entirely constructed on these factual archeological riches.

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