Tales Of Keloğlan pdf indir

Tales Of Keloğlan pdf indir

Being loved in East for generations, hero of Tales Keloğlan, who has been a child for centuries…
He is Helpful, honest, brave, generous and smart. Don’t know if he’s handsome but he has a bald head and is one of us. He does not have the superpowers as we know him from tales, he is just a handy boy from village of Anatolia. He teaches us how to be hero of the tales, He awakes the potential in us by telling his all kind of tales which is joyful.
Despite Keloğlan’s homeland belongs to Turkey and Altai myth, we also meet with him in the cultures of Persia, Caucasia, Middle Asia and Arabic countries. Our Keloğlan known as Keçel in Persia, Tastarakay in Altai, Taşza Bala in Kazakhistan…
We are glad to bring together the adventures of our immortal hero to you. May it give courage to the courage in ourselves, may it bring the generosity of our souls into our lives…

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