The Voyage Of Captain Popanilla pdf indir

The Voyage Of Captain Popanilla pdf indir

The Voyage of Captain Popanilla is the second novel by Benjamin Disraeli, who became a prime minister of the United Kingdom. Its allegory of a fantastic voyage is a satire on contemporary society. Popanilla is a star attraction of Vraibleusia and is proclaimed as the Ambassador for Fantaisie. He is invited to meet an ancient patched-up statue which can speak no wrong and is the ultimate power on the island, his decrees causing the stock market to ebb and flow. A massive fleet full of goods is prepared to set sail for Fantaisie. Vast quantities of pink shells are issued to finance the fleet, leading to a massive stock boom which creates a nouveau riche strata sadly lacking in manners. Many of the characters and geographies in Popanilla represent people and places in Disraeli’s contemporary society.

The Voyage Of Captain Popanilla isimli 116 sayfadan oluşan kitap ; Benjamin Disraeli tarafından yazılmış ve KARBON KİTAPLAR yayınevinin 16.09.2023 tarihinde yayımlanmıştır.

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